CAF Anti-Condensation Sheet

Condensation can be a serious problem in buildings and roof systems. The formation and dripping of condensate can cause damage to building contents, insulation and other components. Using Condenstop enhanced roof panels is an effective and cost efficient solution to help prevent these adverse effects of condensation.

Condenstop can be applied to the interior of our 33/1000 or 32/200/1000 profiled metal roofing sheet and works in conjunction with good ventilation to help prevent condensation forming and dripping.

Condensation occurs when humid air inside a building comes into contact with a cold internal surface. The air becomes cooled and releases its water vapour in the form of condensation.


Lower temperature outside


Condensation on the metal sheet




How does it work

Condenstop is a layered synthetic non woven textile material containing a chemical binder with specific ingredients that create a very porous surface. It has excellent properties for the absorption of humidity. The fibre-microsphere structure is capable of absorbing over 900 grams of condensation water per square metre (depending on the slope of the roof). 

CondenStop CCM is an innovative product designed specifically to prevent problems caused by condensation in buildings and metal roof systems. CondenStop CCM prevents dripping and keeps building contents and insulation dry.

CondenStop CCM is the most secure and comfortable solution to deal with condensation in metal roofing. Their Condensation Control Membrane is already pre-applied by the metal roof manufacturer.



In storage buildings and hangars condensation, sweating and dripping can have severe adverse effects on the condition of the goods stored, Anti Con sheets provide the absorption capacity to protect stored assets and, the reflective quality of the white fleece assures a satisfactory and cost efficient level of light.

In agricultural buildings like housing for breeding and producing livestock the problem is even larger due to the extra humidity produced by the animals. Anti Con sheets will help prevent dripping of metal roofs and protect the building contents, whether animals or dry stock.

Using Anti Con sheets does not modify or harm any existing protection against corrosion of the roof.

Anti Con sheets absorb some of the noise due to external weather conditions, and more noticeably reduces the interior noise by dampening the sound of reverberation on the steel roof.

CondenStop® CCM Installing Instructions


Lantor CondenStop CCM is used to control condensation inside a building. The nature of CondenStop CCM is that it will distribute the condensation water over a large surface of the metal roofing. This is achieved by its unique composition of microspheres and fibers. This special designed technology gives Condenstop CCM the best absorption capacity available!

Other generic non-woven materials have no capacity for distribution of condensation water and will drain condensation to the lowest point of the roof, with potential problems of dripping and staining at the inside of the roof.

Rain water

In order to prevent rain water wicking in to a building envelope a view simple guide lines have to be in place.



Vertical overlaps (A)

The capillary effects in the lateral direction (A) are easily prevented. The manufacturer of the metal panel will choose the width of the Lantor CondenStop CCM in such a way, that automatically  the necessary reservation is created.

At all times the interior side should be completely covered with Lantor CondenStop CCM (no bare metal visible) to ensure proper functioning.

Horizontal overlaps (B)

To avoid penetration of rainwater due to capillarity through horizontal seams the following solutions are available:

1. Common methods to seal horizontal seams, like butyl sealants, are referred to as good craftsmanship. The sealant will prevent rain water penetrating into the building.

2. In case no sealants are used, the panels should overlap at least 20 cm. This will prevent rain water penetrating to the inside.

End laps at the eave (C) 

The overhang of the eave above the gutter should be minimal 15 cm to avoid rain water penetrating into the building. This part of the roof is permanently ventilated in the outside air.


Key to the working of CondenStop CCM is sufficient ventilation within the building envelope, to allow the CondenStop CCM to dry. The air flow movement and temperature within the building structure, will determine how quickly the CondenStop CCM will return to it’s original dry state.

The build up of condensation can be reduced in the first place by the use of natural ventilation provided by eave, ridge and wall openings.

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